Miami y Medellín impulsan la innovación

An Agreement Between Medellín and Miami to Promote Innovation

A Memorandum of Understanding signed between Medellin’s Ruta N and the Cambridge Innovation Center Miami (CIC Miami) will create a connection between the companies located in The Sun City and the capital of Antioquia to exchange experiences, practices, resources and … Read More

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Firma protocolaria acuerdo FAO - Alcaldía para Modelo de Comercio Local

The Mayor of Medellín and FAO Signed an Agreement to Improve Local Market

The mayor of Medellín, Federico Gutiérrez, and the representative of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations to Colombia, Rafael Zavala Gómez del Campo, will sign an international partnership agreement to work jointly for the consolidation of a … Read More

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The Flowers Fest Reaches the World

The ” China Global Television Network,” the largest in the world by its number of viewers, visited Medellín during the Flower Fest 60th and published a note on its portal highlighting the international projection of the flower market and the … Read More

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Fundación Probono y ACI Medellín

ProBono Foundation and ACI Medellín Will Share Knowledge with Local NGOs

On August 22, 2017, Probono Foundation will talk to representatives of NGOs in Antioquia during ACI Medellín Lectures. This is the third ACI Medellín Lecture in 2017. The first one was on peace and post-conflict issues and the second addressed … Read More

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ACI Medellín, a case study for the World Bank

The World Bank advised ACI Medellín in the development of new methodologies for knowledge management, reception of international delegations and the design of new investment and cooperation projects. ACI Medellín implemented the methodologies and lessons learned from the World Bank … Read More
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Inexmoda Acknowledges ACI Medellín

During the opening ceremony of Colombiamoda 2017, Inexmoda publicly acknowledged ACI Medellín for its 15 years of investment and cooperation promotion in Medellín and the region. National, regional and local authorities applauded the achievements of the Agency and encouraged it … Read More

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Medellín tendrá Política de Desarrollo Económico para mejorar la calidad de vida

An Economic Development Policy to Improve Quality of Life

The Mayor of Medellín, Federico Gutiérrez Zuluaga; The President of the Municipal Council, Jesús Aníbal Echeverri, and the Executive President of Medellín’s Chamber of Commerce, Lina Vélez de Nicholls, presented an Economic Development Policy to increase employment rates and improve … Read More
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Feria de las Flores de Medellín

The Flowers Fest Honors the 60 Anniversary of the Silleteros Parade

From July 28 until August 8, the most important festival of Antioquia takes over the city: The Flowers Fair 2017. This fair celebrates its essence around the Silleteros* parade, which represents the collective spirit of our cultural expressions with a … Read More
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Empresa estadounidense Demand Frontier

Demand Frontier Has Arrived in Medellín to Stay

These are projects that become stronger and settle in in the city thanks to a joint work between people and organizations that believe in Medellín. ACI Medellín is a partner in the opening of the new Demand Frontier office. Congratulations! … Read More
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ACI Medellín Supports F-AIR Colombia

The most dynamic economic sectors in Medellín have helped to position it abroad. For this reason, the Mayor of Medellín, through ACI Medellín, supports fairs such as F-AIR Colombia, an event that energizes the economy of the city. Due to … Read More
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O Globo de Brasil, destaca a la ciudad de Medellín en un reportaje sobre Colombia

Brazilian O Globo Highlights Medellín in an Article About Colombia

Brazil most important journalism agency, O Globo, published an article about Colombia and Medellín has a prominent position on it. The article highlighting the city’s resilience capacity and its condition of solidarity towards adversity, making a reference to what happened … Read More
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Cafe de Colombia

90 Years Growing Coffee for the World

The National Federation of Coffee Growers' 90 birthday is a milestone for the history of Antioquia and Colombia. Our department produces an excellent export coffee consumed by millions of people around the world. Its characteristic flavor and aroma put it … Read More
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ACI Medellín Has Managed USD $ 1,629 Million in Foreign Investment During its 15 Years of Existence

USD 83 million on international cooperation The Agency for Cooperation and Investment of Medellín and the Metropolitan Area, ACI Medellín, held the Forum for Cooperation and Investment during the commemoration of its 15 years of work this last June 7. A … Read More
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Por qué Medellín en San Pablo
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Cooperación Medellín - Francia

Paris Continues to Support Medellín on Its Human Mobility Tasks

After officials of the Mayor's Office and the Council of Medellín visited Paris in January 2017 to participate in the first phase of the project "Urban Dialogue Paris - Medellín: for sustainable mobility,"  the second phase of the project starts … Read More
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XII Congreso Mundial Metrópolis

Due to its innovation and resilience, Medellín was invited to the XII Metropolis World Congress

The XII Metropolis World Congress (World Association of the Major Metropolises) was held in Montreal, Canada between June 19 and 22. Its central topic was “Global Challenges: Metropolis in Action.” Medellín, an active member of the international network, was represented … Read More

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Contraloría General de Medellín

General Comptroller of Medellin nominated for the United Nations Public Service Award

The Comptroller General of Medellín is nominated for the United Nations Public Service Award of 2017 (UNPSA) under the category “Promoting transparency, accountability and integrity in the public service” thanks to the Scholar Comptrollership initiative, which encourages young people to … Read More

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