Colombia and Uruguay, through their Ministries of Foreign Affairs and their cooperation agencies – the Presidential Agency for International Cooperation (APC Colombia) and the Uruguayan Agency for International Cooperation (AUCI) – are developing the Joint Commission for Technical, Scientific, Cultural, Educational and Sports Cooperation between Colombia and Uruguay 2024-2026. This effort aims to develop and implement knowledge exchange projects that will contribute to the progress of both nations.

In the framework of the celebration of the VIII Meeting of the Joint Commission for the period 2024-2026, the District of Medellín will participate through the Metropolitan Area of the Aburrá Valley and EPM in the project “Technical strengthening for the management of water quality”. Designed as a two-way exchange initiative to improve the operational practices of the entities involved, including the Ministry of Environment of Uruguay (Dirección Nacional de Calidad y Evaluación Ambiental – DINACEA) and the Environmental Quality Division, Department of Integrated Environmental Assessment of Uruguay.

The Agency for Cooperation and Investment of Medellín and the Metropolitan Area – ACI Medellín has played a crucial role in articulating efforts and positioning Medellín as a city that reaffirms its commitment to sustainable development and strengthens its ties with Uruguay, promoting the exchange of knowledge and experiences in water quality management and environmental protection. Phase one is expected to start soon and complete the implementation of the project in the next 18 months.

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