Relaciones internacionales de Medellín

International Cooperation

What do we do in Cooperation?

ACI Medellín fosters the establishment of international alliances that strengthen the developmental goals for the city, the Metropolitan Area and the region. We work with the public administration in improving the quality of life and human development of the inhabitants of Medellin, specifically through joint actions with international allies.

Cooperación Internacional en Medellín

Between 2004 and 2020

USD 119,93 Millon

Cooperation Management

Record level of cooperation in 2018

USD 12.5 Million

out of all the cooperation resources received

International validators: 2012 and 2020


They have known Medellín's best practices

  • Economic Development

    Cooperación Internacional

    ACI Medellín implements several actions that contribute to the development of Medellín and the Metropolitan Area, by attracting international cooperation and direct investment to the territory. These actions generate new socio-economic development dynamics that benefit the inhabitants of the city.

    The city’s Development Plan 2016 – 2019: “Medellín Counts on You,” has a strategic dimension “Quality education and employment for you”, and a challenge defined as “Medellín with access to employment.” Its aim is to generate opportunities for access to decent employment, based on the supply and demand of the market, aligning the knowledge and skills of people with the requirements of the business sector. Likewise, the relevance of the city’s townships as new development spaces is highlighted in the Plan. Different associative forms oriented towards rural business development can be promoted in these territories.

  • Sustainable Urban Development

    Cooperación Internacional Medellín

    In 2013, Medellín was recognized as the most innovative city in the world in the “City of The Year” award, created by the Wall Street Journal and Citi Group. This award was given thanks to a great urban transformation carried out for more than a decade. Several stakeholders or participants have been involved in the success of the programs developed in the peripheral neighborhoods of this city, where the most vulnerable sectors are located. Local policies have led to sustainable human development, reduction in violence, an increase of employment and have fostered social cohesion.

    ACI Medellín manages cooperation and investment partnerships for sustainable urban development initiatives which are prioritized in the 2016-2019 Development Plan: “Medellín Counts on You,” defining together with the technical units in charge, the priorities and work approaches.

  • Urban Security • Peace • Coexistence

    The efforts of ACI Medellín in the commitment “Building Peace and Coexistence,” responds to the Strategic Dimension “Recovering Citizen Security and Coexistence” of the 2016-2019 Development Plan: “Medellín Counts on You.” It aims to gradually restore the city’s security levels, regaining public confidence in institutions and strengthening the community so that it may be peaceful and have respect for human rights.

    In recent years, Medellín has shown significantly lower rates in homicide and other high-impact crimes. But criminal activities such as: extortion, control and misuse of public space and territories, minor robbery and situations associated with intolerance and lack of respect for the other; in other words, situations that result in a unhealthy coexistence are still present and showing significant rates. These situations, summed to the poor perception the community about some institutions in charge of protecting and accompanying citizens, generate a sense of insecurity that needs to be transformed.

    Through this Strategic Dimension, the Mayor of Medellín intends to guarantee a positive and meaningful change in the security and coexistence of all inhabitants. Its implementation requires the articulation of organized communities, authorities and entities operating the challenges and programs for the generation of a framework of action that allows the achievement of the objectives.

  • Inclusion and Social Development

    ACI Medellín consolidates cooperation and investment alliances in order to achieve making Medellín the city we dream of. They leverage initiatives in search of a more secure, justifiable, and equitable city, one in which the citizens regain hope and confidence in their public administration and the city itself, providing a better quality of life for all. The most emphasis is placed on the aspect of a “A new model of social equity”, especially in the challenges revolving “Medellín, living more and better” and “Medellin with dignity”

    The agency conducts an analysis at an international level: identifying alliances, scholarships, applications, events, awards, networks and other mechanisms that support the acquisition of technical or financial resources or the positioning of the best practices of the city and its prioritized projects.

    In addition, ACI Medellín designs a relationship strategy to establish national or foreign connections that will facilitate these purpose and together with the technical teams of the municipal administration, the activities necessary to realize proposed alliances.

  • Education and Culture

    Medellín is an inclusive city that enhances the capacities of all inhabitants by offering them the access to equal opportunities. It works by valuing life and diversity through cultural, educational and participatory processes. It seeks inclusive access, permanence, relevance and quality in each of these systems, contributing to the integral development of citizens.

    ACI Medellín works on the prioritized projects of each of the secretaries seeking international cooperation, recognition of existing best practices through the nomination of awards, and coordinating city tours so that international investors can learn more about the programs.

    Aligned with the draft agreement Development Plan: “Medellín counts on you,” ACI Medellín seeks through the consolidation of technical and financial cooperation to leverage the development of the dimensions “We believe in the citizen culture” and ” Education.”

  • Medellín City of Knowledge and Innovation

    After being recognized by The Wall Street Journal as the most innovative city in the world in 2014, Medellín has become a world reference for delegations from all over the world. They want to learn more about the transformation processes and the prospective of a city that seeks to turn its economic vocation through innovation, capitalizing on its entrepreneurial culture and enhancing its industrial past.

    Medellín’s goal is to be recognized as the Latin American capital of innovation in 2021. In this regard, the city has decided to advance in a value-added strategy that involves citizens of different age groups, academia, companies and local or international organizations, also the engagement of the public sector and its different local, national and international bodies.

    Ruta N Corporation is the public entity in charge of promoting the innovation ecosystem in the city “where new businesses are leveraged and bring more economic and social development to the city and the region.”

    For this, Ruta N bases its action from “different directions that become the strategic axes: Platforms of Innovation, Knowledge Business, Innovation Culture, S.T.I. Plan and the Medellinnovation District.”

As part of its internationalization strategy, Medellín has identified international networks of cities as scenarios to learn from the best practices of those who belong to the networks. At the same time, these networks allow the visibility of institutions and territories, through exaltation and promotion of successful projects. They also facilitate the city’s participation in events or in awards nomination which favor the consolidation of a good international reputation, due to the recognition and diffusion of the successes of the cities in social and economic development matters.

Medellín then becomes part of different international networks with dynamics that could benefit it, especially in terms of promotion, cooperation, exchange of best practices and foreign investment.

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