Red de Aliados ACI Medellín

Network of allies

The Agency for Cooperation and Investment of Medellin and the Metropolitan Area – ACI Medellin – is the governing body in the city in terms of internationalization, promotes the attraction and retention of domestic and foreign investment in the territory, and also manages international cooperation.

The ACI Medellin Allies Network was created as a mechanism to generate, maintain and enhance strategic relationships to expand the business fabric of the region for the economic strengthening and generation of qualified employment of foreign companies that are installed in our city-region.

To this end, the Agency wishes to strengthen its portfolio with activities, services and benefits that, although they may be unrelated to its mission, provide value for foreign companies interested in investing in the territory or that provide solutions to the new needs of domestic and/or foreign investors already established in the country.

We invite you to know [ here ] the details of the ACI Medellín Allies Network.


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