Carlos Montoya’s life can be summed up in two words: tenacity and discipline. This paisa from Amagá went from working in the coal mines in his hometown to becoming passionate about technology and from there to becoming an entrepreneur operating in the United States and Colombia with his company +Credimás.

This company is dedicated to credit repair for people, mostly Latinos in the United States, who want to access credit but for various reasons have negative marks or a low score with banks or lenders in that country, so that they can build a new history by increasing their credit score through customized strategies.

All this requires technology, passion and a lot of talent, so Carlos and his two sons Sebastian and Jovan decided to install the main operation in Medellin where they attend all calls from customers in the United States who seek in this company the solution to their credit problems and thus be able to grow in this country and have a better life.

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