The ambassador of Denmark, Erik Høeg, the general manager of EPM and leader of the EPM Group, John Maya Salazar, and the president of Aguas Nacionales Grupo EPM, Henry Parra Molina signed a cooperation agreement between the city of Copenhagen and the EPM Group to initiate cooperation that will allow the business group to receive advice and technical support in wastewater treatment and water loss management.

The agreement represents a very important milestone in the collaboration between the Embassy of Denmark and the EPM Group to promote efficiency and sustainability of water resources, since this collaboration will include issues such as wastewater treatment through biogas production, process optimization, biosolids, nitrogen and phosphorus management, as well as water loss management, through advice and technical support in the pre-location of leaks, network replacement with the use of technology and asset management.

ICA Medellín, a key player in the cooperation between EPM and Copenhagen

The Agency for Cooperation and Investment of Medellín – ICA Medellín played a key role in the realization of the cooperation agreement between the EPM Group and the city of Copenhagen. ICA Medellín facilitated the rapprochement between the two entities and provided technical and logistical support throughout the negotiation process.

The general manager and leader of EPM Group expressed that “the cooperation with the City of Copenhagen brings us in the optimization of the wastewater management and water supply business, strengthening our distinctive capacity for operational excellence. We are committed to offer our knowledge and experience in asset management in the wastewater business to the team that will form this agreement”.

The relationship that the EPM Group has had so far with the city of Copenhagen has allowed the training of a group of EPM and Aguas Nacionales officials in topics of interest to the organization such as circular economy, climate change and project management through training and missions that have been fully funded by the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The cooperation agreement signed today reflects the commitment shared by both parties to face the global challenges in terms of climate change and water security, and thus contribute to the sustainable development of the territories where the EPM Group is present.

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