Por qué Medellín en Ciudad de México

Medellín and Mexico City to strengthen ties of economic investment

The event Why Medellín? and the Network Sos Paisa arrive in Mexico. The Foreign Ministry of Colombia, through the Embassy of Colombia in Mexico, supported the events of the network of people from Antioquia living abroad in Guadalajara and Mexico … Read More

Sinopsis and memories of the Medellín lab

From May 29 to June 2, 2017, the city held the first Medellín Lab, whose main objective is to share the Security and Coexistence Local Management Model of Medellín. The Model and its transversal axes were first approached by knowing, … Read More

Feria de las Flores de Medellín

The Flowers Fest Honors the 60 Anniversary of the Silleteros Parade

From July 28 until August 8, the most important festival of Antioquia takes over the city: The Flowers Fair 2017. This fair celebrates its essence around the Silleteros* parade, which represents the collective spirit of our cultural expressions with a … Read More
Cafe de Colombia

90 Years Growing Coffee for the World

The National Federation of Coffee Growers' 90 birthday is a milestone for the history of Antioquia and Colombia. Our department produces an excellent export coffee consumed by millions of people around the world. Its characteristic flavor and aroma put it … Read More
XII Congreso Mundial Metrópolis

Due to its innovation and resilience, Medellín was invited to the XII Metropolis World Congress

The XII Metropolis World Congress (World Association of the Major Metropolises) was held in Montreal, Canada between June 19 and 22. Its central topic was “Global Challenges: Metropolis in Action.” Medellín, an active member of the international network, was represented … Read More

Contraloría General de Medellín

General Comptroller of Medellin nominated for the United Nations Public Service Award

The Comptroller General of Medellín is nominated for the United Nations Public Service Award of 2017 (UNPSA) under the category “Promoting transparency, accountability and integrity in the public service” thanks to the Scholar Comptrollership initiative, which encourages young people to … Read More

Citizens of the world meet in Medellín to build Low Carbon Cities

INGLESSSSSS – El Foro Global de Ciudades Bajas en Carbono se realizará en la capital antioqueña del 10 al 12 de octubre de 2016. Medellín es la ciudad anfitriona del Foro Global de Ciudades Bajas en Carbono que durante tres … Read More