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In its determined commitment to democratize country’s sky, to continue betting on the national market, and to continue their growth in the Colombian air market, Viva Air announces the opening of three new national routes toBucaramanga and Cúcuta. With these, there are already 26 domestic routes to 12 destinations and three international routes to Peru and the United States, operated by the airline. This is evidence of the good results that the company has obtained since its arrival in the Colombian air market and its commitment to connectivity in the region.

Viva, an airline that has transformed air transport in Colombia thanks to its Low Cost model, will fly routes from Medellín to Bucaramanga, Bogotá to Bucaramanga and Medellín to Cúcuta daily, starting April 6th with the flights to Bucaramanga and April 7th with the flights towards Cúcuta. Tickets to these national destinations are already being sold through the website with launch rates for routes from $ 59,900 to Bucaramanga and $ 89,900 to Cúcuta, one way.

“Our commitment towards connecting Colombia does not stop. We come from a high selling season with load factors above 85%, which shows that the reactivation of the domestic market is on the right track and travelers increasingly trust our Low Cost model and biosafety protocols. That is why, as a Colombian airline, we continue to grow our route network and bet on connecting Colombia”, commented Félix Antelo, president & CEO of Grupo Viva Air. “The announcement of three new routes, even in times of reactivation, shows our efforts to continue promoting tourism, business generation and economic development in the region,” Antelo pointed out.

It is estimated that the opening of these routes to Bucaramanga and Cúcuta will generate the well-known ‘Viva Effect’, a reduction in market rates between 20 and 40%. Likewise, the airline projects that, in the first month of operations, approximately 21,500 passengers will fly on these routes. Therefore, there are nine national and international routes that Viva will operate from and to Medellín, which shows the airline’s commitment to positioning the capital of Antioquia as its strategic Hub and Rionegro airport as the base of its air operations to promote dynamization of the sector.

Currently, Viva Air has 93% punctuality as a holding company, maintaining its commitment to operational performance, an attribute that positions it as the most punctual airline in Colombia and one of the most important Low Cost companies in Latin America.

Notably, Viva became the second largest airline in the Colombian air market, transporting more than 1.9 million passengers in 2020 and making up more than 12,000 flights last year. The Low Cost company expects to increase its participation in the domestic market, which in 2020 went from 15 to 24%, showing its growth and the acceptance of its business model.

The good results and the growth path of the airline make it clear that Viva today has full capacity to compete with the best conditions in the market, offering Colombians not only the best prices, but also high standards in safety and punctuality on their flights. , with a growing fleet of 21 aircrafts with the lasted technology; that position it as the most efficient and effective option when traveling.


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