With the arrival of Rockwell Automation, world leader in industrial automation solutions, the city continues to position itself as Colombia and Latin America’s Software Valley, integrating national and international actors that allow not only economic growth but also improvement to the citizens quality of life.

With headquarters in Wisconsin, United States, Rockwell Automation employs approximately 23.000 people dedicated to tending to clients in over 100 countries.  

The company will focus its strategies towards software development to support key programs within their business line in Control and Visualization, employing people to occupy roles as software engineers, automation tests, scrum master, responsible for product management, technical leaders and engineer manager, among others. 

With the operations launch in June, remotely for the time being, they hope to create 50 jobs by the end of the year and 100 jobs in 2021.  

“Our campus strategy helps us set the work in places where we can better reach the milestones of our programs, escalate when necessary and maintain high productivity”, claimed Juan David Carrasquilla, Campus Manager for the company in Colombia.  

Referring to the key factors for choosing Medellin, Carrasquilla ensured that “the city is one of the fastest growing technological centers in Latin America, the local government offers policies and attractive incentives also there’s considerable technological software talent available; we have seen, as well, the transformation in infrastructure, education and quality of life in the last years”.

The settlement of this foreign investment in Colombia and Medellin has been achieved thanks to the articulated work between ProColombia, Ruta N and ACI Medellin, entities in charge of promoting the country and city as an investment destination, and establishing a clear and concrete route so that enterprises can finally make the decision of installing themselves in the territory.

“The crisis moment that humanity faces is not at all easy, nevertheless, with the arrival of companies such as Rockwell Automation, we are demonstrating that all public and private entities are compromised in materializing the dream of becoming a Software Valley to improve the citizens quality of life”, claims Eleonora Betancur, executive director of ACI Medellin. 

For Paulina Villa, Business Portfolio Manager of Ruta N, “the arrival of Rockwell to the city proves that we are consolidating as a place where things happen. Where science, technology and innovation are a reality that allows to create development. It is not for anything that in the midst of such a complex global situation we are still being selected by these organizations with a technological ground. It means that we are really moving towards an economy based in knowledge, towards Medellin Software Valley”.

“The arrival of Rockwell to Medellin is a vote of confidence in Colombia that contributes so that our country moves forward in consolidating itself as a technological development hub, with higher competitiveness, promoting the attraction of greater investment, as well as the creation of quality jobs in science, technology and innovation areas, and contributes to the country’s economic reactivation”, claims Flavia Santoro, president of ProColombia.

Context of the news 

Between 2008 and 2019 the ACI Medellin reported a foreign investment amount of USD$224,4 millions and almost 100 investment and reinvestment projects in the city. Along with Ruta N and its allies, 360 organizations have settled in Medellin’s Innovation District, which have created 10.287 quality jobs since 2011. So far in 2020, there are already 21 companies that have landed in the city and have allowed to generate 969 employment opportunities in the Software Valley field.

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