Medellín promueve oportunidades de inversión y cooperación en Londres

ACI Medellín carried out a work agenda in the capital of the United Kingdom after the announcement of their interest in investing in Colombia. The United States and Spain have also demonstrated their interest in this issue. The agenda included visits to the Peckham Levels creative district, one-on-one meetings with investment funds and companies interested in venturing into Medellín.

The Colombian Embassy to the United Kingdom, Procolombia, and the Consulate of Colombia in London supported the agenda providing relationship, arranging appointments and opening calls to the public of interest.

In line with the international cooperation work line of ACI Medellín, a meeting was also held with the British Council to discuss issues of cooperation in terms of security, peace and coexistence, and bilingualism. In addition, this trip to London was the perfect opportunity to have a meeting with the Paisas living in this city.

“London has always been present on our radar in terms of investment. We believe that we can have good alliances to strengthen Medellín in terms of economic development and creativity. Colombia is an important market for the United Kingdom, and Medellín has competitive advantages that make it very attractive for investors and supporting agencies in terms of cooperation. Colombia is a country of regions, and each one has its benefits. Medellín stands out for its ability to make things happen, its people, its continuity, among others,” said Catalina Restrepo Carvajal, Executive Director of ACI Medellín.

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