The Agency for Cooperation and Investment of Medellin and the Metropolitan Area – ACI Medellin in conjunction with the Colombian firm Correa Merino Agudelo, prepared a specialized legal guide for the arrival of investment projects in the country. This publication seeks to help investors understand the legal environment and maximize their investment,

The Legal Guidelines for Investing in Colombia guide is a practical and detailed tool that provides key information on the national legal and regulatory framework. It has been prepared by experts in business law and has been updated in accordance with the latest reforms and regulations. By consulting this guide, you will be able to:

  • Know the procedures necessary to establish a company and the applicable legal and regulatory requirements.
  • International exchange regime according to market types.
  • Obtain information on the incentives and benefits available to foreign investors, as well as the national tax regime.
  • Understand labor laws and aspects related to the hiring of human talent.
  • Understand the mechanisms for the protection of intellectual property rights.

It is worth mentioning that Correa Merino Agudelo is an allied firm that offers its legal and city knowledge to national and international investors interested in establishing their businesses in Medellín in an effective manner in a region that stands out for its infrastructure, access to international markets, highly trained human talent and a business support network that fosters innovation and collaboration; and that also has a strategic location in Latin America, which makes it an attractive logistic and business center for the world.

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