This business process outsourcing company, born in Calcutta, India, currently has a presence in 14 countries on all continents, working for 250 clients from all sectors of the economy and in all languages. In 2021 they arrived in Medellín with the objective of establishing an operations center that today has 100 employees and expects to reach 500 in total by the end of 2023.  

One of its added values is the diversity and adaptation of its labor policies to its employees. They accept older adults over 55 years of age as well as young people who speak a second or more languages; they promote study and entrepreneurship, so it is normal to find people who are studying an undergraduate degree or working on their ventures, which requires the company to be flexible with the schedule.  

Raymond Moreno, HR Global Executive, affirms that “Medellin has the characteristics they need to grow the business and continue operating with clients from all over the world. The city has bilingual talent and within the senior segment we find adults who apart from mastering a second language are responsible, disciplined and organized to fulfill their duties.”

With more than 30 years of history in the industry, Fusion has developed a deep understanding of customer needs and preferences across a wide range of sectors, including healthcare, finance, telecommunications and other verticals. 

Juan Camilo Mergesh, executive director of ACI Medellín, assures that “foreign investment coming to Medellín seeks to generate social transformation beyond profitability. For this reason, companies like Fusion BPO, today come to promote employment in people over 55 years of age who have the profile and skills of a second language to serve customers around the world. We seek that every investor who comes to our district is willing to become an agent of change at all levels and thus make Medellin a model city in the region.  

For those interested in accessing job offers from the company can check the Instagram account where they post vacancies. [ here ]

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