Talento digital, la clave para el desarrollo del Valle del software

With the aim of contributing to the progress of the city’s future professionals, ACI Medellín developed the webinar: “Digital Talent Training for the Software Valley”, a space in which they met with local partners in order to project the training of citizens to strengthen this line of economic development.

For years ACI Medellín has worked to establish strategic relationships that allow the city to consolidate alliances that contribute to the improvement of the community’s quality of life. Since 1995, Medellín has worked to grow in the technology industry, and thanks to its partnerships and organizations dedicated to strengthening the capacities of human talent, it slowly gained greater capacity to meet the challenges of a world that is constantly evolving.

During the webinar, ideas were shared about the digital talent that exists in the city and how it can contribute to the future of the Software Valley, an economic development strategy that must face the great challenges that arise in the present digital era. This is where organizations such as the Agency for Higher Education of Medellin- Sapiencia, Acámica, Ruta N, the University of Antioquia, Holberton School Colombia and Pioneras Dev,  play an important role in the training of human talent, because they are part of a team of institutions that work together to bring more people closer to the world of technology and programming, two industies that are exponencially growing and that also allow expanding opportunities for young people in an increasingly competitive global market.

“Skills must be developed for a world that is constantly changing, a change that is increasingly accelerating,” said Pedro Mejía, country manager at Acámica.

The joint work of these organizations in partnership with ACI Medellín multiplies individual efforts to achieve increased productivity of human talent and strengthens learning processes on cutting-edge topics. The transformation of Medellín is a reality, so it’s necessary that both citizens and companies are trained to meet all the needs required by the 4.0 Industry.

For the benefit of the city, these organizations are already on the margins of new trends in the training of digital talent, so they include more agile and personalized models in their training processes, they are also working to reduce the barriers that exist around this digital culture.

“In years it is projected that more than 200,000 IT professionals will be needed in the country,” said Diego Botia, a professor at the University of Antioquia. Facing the challenges of talent in the modern world is a challenge that belongs to the whole city and as a society it is necessary to solve effectively to enhance the capacities of new professionals in a comprehensive way.

ACI Medellín and its partners continue to work on building a knowledge, technology and innovation society, this is why more and more affordable training opportunities are being offered today to make human talent the key to building the Software Valley.  Today all we need is for citizens and organizations to understand the importance of working for the same purpose: mobilizing as a city for this ambitious strategy.

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