Friendship is feeling comfortable, talking and sharing with others. In Medellin and Barcelona’s case, ​​this friendship was born with a particular interest: to offer and provide to each other. It grew over time, up to the point that even new friendships in pursuit of decentralized cooperation works have been born from it.

It has been more than 17 years in which Medellín has learned from Barcelona ​​through the exchange of models of government management and the strengthening of local governance: libraries, markets, urban habitat, education, social rights, entrepreneurship, are some of the several experiences that Global City has shared with the capital of Antioquia

There is more than one way in which Cooperation is materialized. Barcelona has seen in Medellín the abilities of an applied student, that who learned the lesson and is ready to share his experiences with the world. For this reason, Barcelona has called on Medellín to cooperate with the development of other cities, such was the case of the triangular cooperation developed with Havana (Cuba) in 2014, when they joined forces to teach their experience on urban planning and international cooperation.

Medellin and Barcelona still have a long way to go together, because friendships grown over the years, even if they are kilometers away. At the end, strong and lasting friendships are those that transcend borders despite the difficulties.

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