Antioquia transforma el sector agrícola con última tecnología para sus campesinos

The Government of Antioquia, through the  Agriculture and Rural Development Secretariat, and the Colombian Agricultural Research Corporation – Agrosavia, signed an agreement to initiate the Technological Transformation Plan of Agro in Antioquia. This will aim to provide farms in different subregions of the department with real-time monitoring tools, drones and chips for decision-making based on precision agriculture and data analysis.

With 4.0 technology the Government of Antioquia and Agrosavia will promote the economic reactivation of agriculture. Agrosavia is a nonprofit, decentralized public entity that works in the generation of scientific knowledge and agricultural technological development.

The Secretary of Agriculture of Antioquia, Rodolfo Correa, pointed out that “Technology is in everything and could not stay out of this field. Today with 4.0 Agriculture, Antioquia’s agricultural producers will have real-time information, without having to travel to each lot to know how every tree or crop is and to determine exactly which supplies to buy and in what amounts without having uncertainty or high costs”.

The project contemplates a set of certifications for agro-producers to start the export route, bringing to the table the need for Antioquia to be a leader in several agricultural areas.

“This time the support of the departmental government is given so that the opening of markets is the path to economic reactivation and our producers have two tools that until now had been elusive: markets and certifications,” said Rodolfo Correa.

In this way, the Government and the institutions of the agricultural sector in Antioquia bet on research results, compliance with regulations and the use of new technologies as an engine for the reactivation of agriculture in Antioquia.

Farmers who benefit from the project will be selected through an open call.


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