The president of the Medellin Council, Lucas Cañas, presented a distinction in a Style Note to the Agency for Cooperation and Investment of Medellin and the Metropolitan Area as a token of appreciation for an entity that plays a leading role in the development of the entire territory through investment and cooperation with the world.

“Today, being present in the heart of democracy, we receive a tribute with immense joy and also with great responsibility. This city is very much loved and this moves us in our work; we are aware that in every day of work we are contributing so that many people of the city can improve their quality of life through international cooperation and investment, which is the slogan that marks our work route”, emphasized Jonathan Ballesteros, director of relations of ACI Medellin, during his speech at the Council.

In these 20 years of ACI Medellin’s history, has reported 3.4 billion dollars in investment and more than 117 million dollars in international cooperation, estimating the creation of some 25 thousand jobs thanks to all this.

During the award ceremony, the president of the Council, Lucas Cañas, emphasized in his speech to city executives and ACI Medellin officials present at the event, “you are the rudder and compass of Medellin’s internationalization strategy; therefore, as president of the Council, I recognize the value of ACI Medellin for the city, you are crucial for the improvement of the lives of citizens”.

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