Today there are 75 engineers working in the company, and the promise is to reach up to 100 jobs that improve the quality of life of the inhabitants of Medellín. Accelirate operates in different sectors such as banking and financial services, accounting, insurance, healthcare, hospitality, industry, retail, oil and education. It offers technology and digital transformation solutions to all of its clients in these sectors.  

This company is a leader in robotic processes and artificial intelligence products and services in the US. It has presence in Pakistan, India and the United Arab Emirates. Now it is coming to Colombia.

For the president of ProColombia, Carmen Caballero, “the arrival of companies like Accelirate contributes to the purpose outlined by the National Government for the promotion of technology transfer, incorporation of technical progress and development of human capacity. Together with the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism, we continue working to promote the competitive advantages of the country and our talent so that more global companies choose Colombia as a business location with productive bets and the creation of qualified jobs”.  

Accelirate’s vision is to offer robotic process automation (RPA) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) services, and cutting-edge digital transformation solutions in various industries. “Our services include deployment of RPA platforms, management and monitoring of robotic software operations for our clients, and business consulting focused on identifying and mapping key business processes for automation and AI opportunities,” explained CEO Ahmed Zaidi.  

That’s not all. The company has inclusive and innovative workspaces where employees can be very creative and come up with the best ideas. This, in the words of Accelirate members, is a sign that the company values and attends to the needs of its employees. In addition to the workspaces, Accelirate is committed to training its employees in technical and social skills in order to offer the best to its clients. The idea is that they can grow, learn and solidify their knowledge as they advance in the company.  

Juan Camilo Mergesh, executive director of ACI Medellín, said: “Our city has become a center of development and innovation recognized by governments and companies from all over the world that come to see and copy our development model. Like Accelirate, today many companies come to improve the labor landscape by offering quality employment and providing quality of life to people and their environment. Our job as part of the District’s public conglomerate is to continue supporting these companies so that their growth is continuous”.  

And the key question: Why did they come to Medellín? From Accelirate they told us that the city offers them quality talent of development engineers and knowledge in automation technologies, which greatly differentiate them from those in other regions. 

They also added that Medellin is a strategic point for their development plans and that the stable financial market in the region was one of the reasons why they landed in the city. At this point they recognized that Medellin is recognized as a Software Valley worldwide, so it is a strategic point in its evolution.  

To achieve this they need their company to be recognized as an American company that offers comprehensive digital solutions, which go far beyond optimizing a process such as buying new software or eliminating paper from organizations. “It requires having a comprehensive vision of how your organization manages resources, this is the cutting edge and we are number 1 in the subject,” concluded Zaidi. 

The arrival of this and other companies to the CTI ecosystem of the District of Medellin reinforces the commitment of the Ruta N Corporation to improve the quality of life of the city’s inhabitants with jobs and well-paid job opportunities that can project their professional careers.  [more info]

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