It is a space of trust and knowledge exchange for global cooperation. Also, it will be the perfect for the discussion about the latest trends and its technological applications, and the regulatory frameworks for different industries and countries in terms of: artificial intelligence, blockchain , the Internet of things, machine learning, Big Data , nanotechnology, and the impacts of this revolution on the lives of people and governments.

The speed of these developments taking place in this field and the blurred borders between the sectors due to the use of information technologies are the main reasons for the creation of the Centers for the Fourth Industrial Revolution, whose mission is to ensure that the benefits of the current era impact all of humanity.

Location of the other Centers for the Fourth Industrial Revolution in the world

Between 2017 and 2018, four Centers for the Fourth Industrial Revolution were created

Centros para la cuarta revolución industrial

How can a city benefit from hosting a Center for the Fourth Revolution?

The cities chosen to host the Centers for the Fourth Industrial Revolution have important characteristics in common: investment in science, technology and innovation; a significant and effective relation between the public, private sector and academia; the ability to provide qualified human talent on technological issues and bets from their governments to leverage the industry with the technological advances of the fourth revolution.

These installed capacities plus those generated around the establishment of the Centers for the Fourth Industrial Revolution will bring a series of benefits and development processes that impact the quality of life of the host cities’ inhabitants. The industry benefits directly from the incorporation of technological advances, the stimulation of formal employment, the systematization of its innovations and the generation of synergies among the entities that participate in this Center.

In addition, action frameworks will be created to attract and create high added-value businesses for cities which impact on its competitiveness and positioning. Thus, attracting capital and human talent.

Inteligencia artificial
Ruta N will host the Latin American Center for the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Participation of ACI Medellín

The commitment to the internationalization of the city led by ACI Medellín has a key role in the articulation of the entities participating in a high-impact project such as the Center for the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

The commitment of all the stakeholders who worked together to achieve the election of the city is ratified with this appointment. The Medellín Mayor’s Office, Ruta N, ACI Medellín, Procolombia, the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism, and the World Economic Forum have the responsibility of impacting the development of Latin America from Medellín, and to generate an exponential economic growth which generates equity and opportunities for people.

In addition, ACI Medellín is strengthened by the knowledge management arising from this Center and hopes that the city learns from it and continue the exchange of best practices.


  1. Lazlo Daza

    ¿Cual es el proceso que debe seguir un ciudadano para solicitar soporte al Centro de la cuarta revoluciñon industrial de Medellín?

  2. Ugherughe Joseph Ediri

    As a Nigerian, I am interested in this laudable project and would want a centre in Nigeria.

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