Red de Escuelas de Música de Medellín

A delegation of 80 students from Medellín will travel to the United States on the tour called Medellín Canción Viva to interpret the repertoire with the same name. They will visit Boston, Baltimore, New York and Washington and, in the latter, they will be part of the commemoration of the Veterans Day at the Crossing Historic Park.

Between November 6 to 16, the Music Schools Network of Medellín will visit several cities in the United States playing its repertoire: Medellín Canción Viva.”

These young people who make up the orchestra, belong to the Medellín Music Schools Network. They went through several auditions organized by public call, so they could join the select group. They will perform compositions wrote by them and their teachers in the Laboratory of Musical Creation with cross-cultural aim and in the Laboratory of Musical Creation with Alternative Media for Sound Production.

The musical repertoire is the city itself, told through the sensitivity, talent and creativity of children and young people inspired by tango, salsa, rock, Colombian music and symphonic music with some touches of urban and modern rhythms.

They will also have an exchange with Berklee College of Music, considered one of the best and most important schools in the world.

For Lina Botero Secretary of Citizen Culture, the tour means “to transcend the concerts and generate scenarios for knowledge exchange, strengthening the experience of the Network so that students become multipliers within the program and in their family and community environments.”

For most of the young people of the Music School, it is the first time they will perform outside the country. It will be an encounter with another culture and sounds, an opportunity to explore, fulfill dreams and strengthen their careers.

The Music Schools Network of Medellín,

The Network was created in 1996, with the aim of reaching vulnerable children and young people in the city and offer them a life project which help them to get away from violence. Nowadays, the network has 27 schools located in 14 Communes and 3 Townships of Medellín; 11 Integrated Groups, with a coverage of 4,600 students aged between 7 and 24 years. The Program has been strengthened by developing skills around musical performance, generating pedagogical strategies to complement the interpretative exercise with reflection and creation.


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