Red de Escuelas de Música de Medellín

A group of MSc students from the John F. Kennedy School of Government of Harvard University recently visited Medellín to learn about the government’s management of the city and its examples of cultural re-engineering, social inclusion and overcoming violence. This visit was set after the invitation of one of its members of Colombian origin, Colombia’s former Secretary of Transparency, Camilo Encizo.

The delegation, made up of 22 students from different nationalities, exchanged knowledge with the members and directors of the Music Schools Network of Medellín.They even had the opportunity to listen to the Music Schools Network play a Colombian musical repertoire and in retribution, one of the students of the Masters, the Chinese pianist Jie Chen , played a couple of songs for them.

“Being part of the Music Schools Network and receiving a visit from Harvard students, shows that Medellín has more to offer to the world. Peace instead of violence, ” said Emmanuel Moreno, mandolin player and one of the beneficiaries of the Network.

The Music Schools Network of Medellín plans to make a tour in United States on November, so this scenario was a prelude to what they will present in the North American country.

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