Seminario de Transporte y Desarrollo Urbano

To strengthen the diplomatic ties and cooperation processes between Colombia and Japan, the Japanese Government will develop the Transport and Urban Development Seminar 2018 in Medellín at the Marriott Medellín Hotel on February 15.

The event is developed by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Tourism (MLIT) of the Japanese Government. As part of the celebration of the 110th anniversary of the establishment of the diplomatic relationship between Japan and Colombia, the Japanese Government seeks to strengthen its efforts in cooperation and will make a follow up to the Japanese companies settled in the country.

The initiative aims to promote the development conditions of Medellín and other cities with similar growth potential, through the transfer of knowledge related to the design of integrated solutions for transport and sustainable urban development.

This event is also a mechanism to reactivate the Japanese economy in Latin American markets. According to Takuya Kurita, CEO the City Bureau of MLITT, in Japan, “we have many experiences in transportation systems and urban development and we believe that they can be applied to urban transport projects in Colombia, for a solid implementation and to support the government national and local governments.”

Medellín was selected to host the seminar due to its great progress in Latin America in the implementation of integral mobility solutions.

The mayor of Medellín, Federico Gutiérrez; the president of the National Development Bank, Clemente del Valle; Deputy Minister of Transportation, Andrés Chávez and senior representatives of the Japanese Government will attend the seminar.. 

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