TEAM International, una empresa que impacta el futuro profesional en niños y jóvenes del Valle del Software

This software company from the United States and based in Medellín is carrying out an impact project among university students in recent semesters. The Top Gun Lab is a training laboratory whose main objective is to serve the community through educational programs in the IT sector, seeking to meet the high demand for trained personnel and generating decent employment opportunities, challenging and well-paid.

The program is based on training students in the last semesters of Systems Engineering and other related careers, with the aim of selecting the best students to do their internship in the company and start creating their career. Last year, about 9 students entered the labor market, and in addition the learning curve was reduced to two months, increasing productivity in people with a junior profile in just 3 months.

Other similar initiatives are:

Top Gun Route

A program created with the goal of raising children’s awareness of the importance of technology in their professional future. At first, the children meet with the developers of the company who tell them about their life and careers; and then they have a moment  of playful learning through a platform called Scratch where they are taught the basic principles of logic and programming.

TEAM International, una empresa que impacta el futuro profesional en niños y jóvenes de Medellín

Top Gun Path

This initiative seeks to support and empower students in the early stages of their career free of charge, through financial sponsorship, teaching the English language and accompaniment by mentors of the company, depending on the stage they are at.

At the teaching stage they are given an economic support of 50% of the Minimum Wage, two free hours of English classes per week, access to the training program according to the line of specialization chosen by the student and monthly mentoring by one of the professionals of the company.

In the productive stage they are given an economic support of 100% of the Minimum Wage, unlimited English classes, access to different programs and training books from the company, jobs in challenging projects, exposure to the final customer, and continuous guidance from their assigned mentor.

Currently, TEAM International has three SENA students active in this program: two boys from Abejorral and a girl from Medellín, who are in the teaching stage in SENA technology programs.

In this way, the international companies installed in Medellín become fundamental actors to carry out the strategy of becoming a Software Valley through impact projects that improve the quality of life of the city’s people.


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