Konecta is a Spanish multinational provider of comprehensive BPO and Contact Center services for several sectors wich consolidates is offices in Medellín. It has 100 engineers in Ruta N facilities co-working in an environment that favors the generation of new technological services.

Konecta exports digital technology services to Spain, Portugal, the United Kingdom, Morocco, Argentina, Chile, Mexico, Peru and Brazil, generating more than 15,300 jobs.

Konecta’s challenge for 2018 is to constantly update its technological capacity to adapt to the new reality of markets and provide them with effective mechanisms to connect customers with a solution that fit their needs.

“The necessity to centralize software development in on country was defined in the company’s strategy. Different alternatives were analyzed and, finally, Medellín – Colombia was chosen for its qualified professional human talent; the local government’s commitment to innovation and to the development of technological projects,” said. José Roberto Sierra, president of Konecta Colombia.

In October 2017, Konecta settled its multidisciplinary innovation center supported by Procolombia, the Ruta N Corporation and the Agency for Cooperation and Investment of Medellín and the Metropolitan Area, ACI Medellín. It is dedicated to the construction of software solutions and processes of digital transformation from Medellín to the world.

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