The Agency for Cooperation and In- vestment of Medellín and the Metropolitan Area (ACI Medellín) pro- motes cooperative and collaborative alliances to strengthen the development of Medellín and its surrounding areas. ACI Medellín is particularly active in the knowledge sharing and innovation spaces and ACI Medellín believes that it is critical to engage with actors across the ecosystem

to cultivate innovation. Smart city policy and the digital opportunity are key factors for “Medellín Futuro”, the city’s local development plan. In order to maintain its position as an attractive city for business and glob- al cooperation, ACI Medellín seeks to strengthen its knowledge sharing and innovation apparatus.

ACI Medellín is proud to present the following brief in collaboration with Mohammad Zia, a Sinclair-Kennedy Fellow at Harvard University and an International Fellow at the Institute for Technology and Society in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (ITS Rio). Mohammad is researching the role of emerging technologies in promoting econom- ic development and inclusion in Latin America.


Mohammad Zia (Harvard University and  ITS Río de Janeiro)

Natalia Currea Dereser (Knowledge and innovation leader-ACI Medellín)

Juan Camilo Betancur Rendón (Knowledge and innovation team- ACI Medellín).

The document is available bith in English and Spanish

El documento está disponible en Español e Inglés


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