DiMuto, a global Agri-FinTech company, strengthens its presence in Latin America with the recent financing of Colombian fresh produce exporter Montana Fruits. The deal will first see DiMuto leverage its AI-powered financing solution to finance Montana Fruits’ exports to Europe, before expanding into its other export markets such as the United States and Asia.

DiMuto Financial Services provides data-backed, AI-powered trade finance solutions to agri-food companies trading internationally. The solution uses live transactional data on product quality, timeliness and payment status.

For its part, Montana Fruits is a Colombian packer and exporter of high-quality fresh produce, including Hass avocado and tropical fruits such as gulupa and Tahitian lime. The company’s main market is in Europe, with promising markets including the United States and Asia. Montana Fruits processes about 400 containers a year and exports more than $7 million worth of fresh produce.

“We are grateful to have DiMuto as our financial partner. Their expertise, experience and commitment to providing agri-food trade finance is invaluable to our business. With their support, we can continue to grow our export operations and reach new markets,” said Mauricio Moranth Zuluaga, General Manager of Montana Fruits and member of the Board of Directors of the Colombia Avocado Board (CAB).

The data-driven supply chain visibility created by DiMuto also provides meaningful sustainability information through DiMuto’s sustainability management dashboard. With its ability to track every box of produce from field to table, DiMuto can accurately estimate the carbon footprint of agri-food companies. Such data related to sustainability metrics can also be made available to financiers, who can now perform due diligence with data visibility and ensure that invested funds meet sustainability goals.

“Usable data-backed financing is a key focus in DiMuto’s mission to redefine global commerce. We want to ensure we have on-the-ground visibility into the companies we fund as they do good work on their sustainability journey. That’s why we are very pleased to announce the funding agreement with Montana Fruits,” said Gary Loh, founder and CEO of DiMuto.

Juan Camilo Mergesh, executive director of ACI Medellin, considers that “a company from our region such as Montana Fruits is a perfect example of what can happen when foreign investment and local companies join forces to boost the production and marketing of world-class products such as Hass avocado, Tahiti lime and Gulupa. From ACI Medellin we will continue to support in the best way these alliances that promote economic development and ultimately impact the social welfare of the region where they have an impact”.

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