Fundación Probono y ACI Medellín

On August 22, 2017, Probono Foundation will talk to representatives of NGOs in Antioquia during ACI Medellín Lectures.

This is the third ACI Medellín Lecture in 2017. The first one was on peace and post-conflict issues and the second addressed to alternative communication channels.

As part of its strategy to strengthen and establish cooperation relationships with local allies, ACI Medellín will hold the third ACI Medellín Lecture “Exchange system for donations and resources from abroad,” next Tuesday, August 22 at 8:00 am in the auditorium Plaza de la Libertad (Carrera 54 # 42 -188).

This time, ProBono Foundation will join ACI Medellín’s and will talk about exchange rate regime network. “The representatives of NGOs attending the talk will know the process of legalizing resources arriving from international cooperation to Colombia,” said Juan Esteban Sosa, Regional Coordinator of the Foundation.


The event is open to the public and requires prior registration online [ Click here ]


About ProBono Foundation

ProBono Colombia Foundation is a private, non-profit organization that links those who do not have the resources to access quality legal advice and a team of lawyers from different entities willing to offer their services free of charge. The Foundation has 50 members in Colombia and 7 of them are in Antioquia (Grupo Argos, Bancolombia, Correa Merino & Co. Abogados, Rodríguez Azuero Contexto Legal, Agudelo Peláez Abogados, Ariza & Marín Abogados y Uribe Henao Abogados). Since 2009 and to date, ProBono has received more than 3000 requests for legal assistance.

About ACI Medellín Lectures

The ACI Medellín Lectures are a strategy to strengthen relationships with local allies. These academic events are focused on critical issues for the internationalization process of Medellín and the region. They are based on matters that contribute to the implementation of investment and cooperation projects .Also, they are aimed at public officials, undergraduate and postgraduate students, teachers, NGO representatives and entrepreneurs.

Fundación Probono y ACI Medellín

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