Medellín destacada por el Observatorio para la Innovación del Sector Público de la OCDE

The Observatory of Public Sector Innovation – OPSI of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development – OECD- highlighted MEData and Día Blanco, two best practices of Medellín for their innovation and inspiration in the promotion of research on open government trends.

ACI Medellín, the Administrative Department of Municipal Planning and the Secretariat of Citizen Participation of the Medellín Mayor’s Office, carried out the application of these initiatives to the OPSI platform of the OECD, thus contributing to the international positioning of Medellín and its best practices.

MEData is Medellín’s commitment to an intelligent government, which allows the opening, appropriation, and use of public data for decision-making. It is the only open government data strategy in the country which promotes and encourages the use of data by citizens, with a different approach based on their capacities and needs.

On the other hand, Día Blanco [White Day] promotes the creation of trusting bonds and legitimacy among communities. This innovative experience has mobilized more than 35,000 citizens in the last 3 years through social accountability exercises where local and community organizations inform their communities about their management and impact on local development.

OPSI is a global forum for public sector innovation that works with governments to encourage them to use new approaches and address complex societal problems through tools, connections, and training for public servants.

Colombia joined the OECD in 2018, in other words, the country earned a space to exchange best practices between member countries, among other benefits.

To learn more about these initiatives and visit the Observatory consult the following links: MEData and Día Blanco.

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