Newsweek recognized Medellín as one of the 25 smartest cities in the world in a ceremony held on October 22 at the Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta -United States-..

According to the Newsweek publication, 25 cities are the smartest of the world. Among Latin Americans, Medellín shares this recognition with Quito (Ecuador)..

The American media recognized the capital of Antioquia during the event called Momentum Awards 2019 for its advances in mobility, urban design, and technology at the service of citizens. The publication highlighted the social and urban transformation of the city after its violent past, and how today, it tilts its efforts towards science, technology, and innovation from its government plans.

“These are the cities that take action, and whose ongoing projects represent a real change for their population. Whether they integrate sustainable infrastructure, adopt intelligent approaches to mobility or use big data analysis to manage their legislative policies by improving the reality of the territory. Each city is doing something bold and unique” stated Nancy Cooper, Global editor in chief of Newsweek.

Newsweek is one of the most recognized magazines in the world with more than eight decades of trajectory, in which it has focused its efforts on telling stories so that readers understand the world we currently.

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