Feria del Libro de Medellín

Medellín is getting ready for the opening of the 12th Book and Culture Festival to be held between September 6 and 17 in Carabobo Norte. It is one of the five most important literary events in Latin America. This year’s guest country will be Mexico, which will cover all the venues of the Festival with its colors and flavors.

More than 50 Mexican guests among writers, artists and chefs, are expected in the twelfth version of the Book Festival. More than 400,000 visitors are expected.

The central theme of the event will be the forms of memory, a reflection on what we remember and forget taking into account the similarities or differences of what we live as a citizen collective in Medellín and Colombia, and how we process it through literary, visual, musical and plastic.

This event brings together prominent writers, photographers, artists and scientists from Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Spain, the United States, Ireland, the Netherlands, Peru, Uruguay and Venezuela. They will exchange knowledge and thoughts about memory, literary creation, reality and fiction in different talks and events.

Juan Villoro, María Baranda and Francisco Hinojosa, Mexican writers with a vast experience, will share with the attendees in different spaces and conversations. We invite you to check the schedule at [ Click here ]

Colombia-Mexico Year

Both countries celebrate 187 years of their diplomatic relations with a series of activities that have been extended throughout 2017 and 2018. Culture, mobility for students, commercial exchange and sports are some of the axis in which both countries have focused on, seeking to strengthen the ties of friendship between them. Mexico, as a special guest at the Book and Culture Festival of Medellín, is an opportunity for knowledge and integration of Mexican and Colombian cultural wealth.

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