Más de 160 empresarios de otros países conocieron detalles del proyecto del Metro de la 80

160 representatives of multinational companies, with expertise in subway and light rail construction, rolling stock manufacturers and investment funds, connected to two webinars.

Our city undertakes the most important public works project in the last 25 years: el Metro de la 80 (The 80th Avenue Light Rail). This is an urban development commitment that will have a 13.25 kilometer route and 17 stations, it will mobilize 52 million users annually and will reduce the emission of 94,173 tons of CO2 every year to the planet.

For this reason, the city held two webinars with more than 160 entrepreneurs from countries such as China, Japan, India, the United States, Turkey, and Spain. Brazil, France, Chile, Peru and Colombia, among others, in order to explain the technical, legal and financial details of this mega-project.

At the events, the financial, technical, urban and architectural details of this great project were made known to multinational companies that are experts in the construction of subways, light rail, rolling stock manufacturers and investment funds.

Towards the end of November, Mayor Daniel Quintero Calle signed the co-financing agreement to carry out the construction of the light rail for the 80th Avenue alongside the National Government and the Government of Antioquia.

For Eleonora Betancur, executive director of the ACI Medellín “This project will be much more than just infrastructural, it will be a fundamental artery for the life of the entire city and region, allowing development and connectivity between different areas of the city, while generating sustainable urban, environmental and social conditions.”

3.5 billion pesos in total will be invested in this project, of which 2.4 billion will be financed by the National Government. The payment distribution will be 70% from the Nation and 30% from the municipality.

The two webinars had the participation of Mayor Daniel Quintero, Angela María Orozco, Vice Minister of Transportation Carmen Ligia Valderrama; Paola García, Vice President of Investment of ProColombia; Tomás Elejalde Escobar, Manager of the Medellín Metro; and Sergio López, Manager of the Metro de la 80 Project.

Webinar Metro de la 80

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