Mercados campesinos una estrategia que vincula el desarrollo económico y la seguridad alimentaria

With 30 years of operation, Mercados Campesinos is a government strategy which has managed to benefit more than 500 peasant families in the capital of Antioquia, through 21 selling points around the city.

Mercados Campesinos [Peasant Markets] is a strategy of the Medellín Mayor’s Office which provides a space for small and medium producers from the rural area of ​​the city to sale their products directly to the consumer, thus eliminating the intermediation chains and improving the income of producers and their families.

This strategy, which seeks to promote the entrepreneurship of the rural population of Medellín, not only impacts the rural economy but also provides citizens with access to fresh and organic food with the best quality at a lower cost.

Thus, Mercados Campesinos, together with other programs of the Municipal Administration and the private sector, work together to facilitate access to nutritious food and support the task of Medellín in meeting the UN’s 2030 Agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals SDG1 No poverty, SDG2 Zero hunger, and SDG12 Responsible production and consumption. 

In line with this task, Medellín has made alliances with renowned international actors, which have allowed it not only to strengthen these programs but also their international positioning, such as:

  • The Milan Urban Food Policy Pact, Medellín joined in 2014 to generate a tool that harmonizes all the rules and best practices connected with food production, distribution, and consumption at the urban level. To define new objectives and monitor indicators, provide constant support to all mayors in their daily work and to make cities more resilient to both the famine and Co2 emissions.
  • The Food and Agriculture Organization – FAO carried out the Food for Cities initiative between 2015 and 2017   to guarantee the food security of the urban sectors.

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