Medellín will be one of the cities presenting its experience in the International Strategies in Metropolitan Areas event. The entity in charge of representing the city will be ACI Medellín, due to its trajectory in the internationalization of the capital of Antioquia.

Between July 4 and 5, the Metropolitan Area of Barcelona – AMB, together with the Institute of International Studies – IBEI and the Center for International Affairs – CIDOB, both entities based in Barcelona, will host the International Strategies in Metropolitan Areas event.

Since 2018, Medellín and its metropolitan area are study cases for these entities. With the help of ACI Medellín, they identified the success factors and lessons learned of the city in terms of internationalization. For this, ACI Medellín was invited to present the results of this research at the event, along with four other cities: Durban (South Africa), Montreal (Canada), Seoul (South Korea) and Vienna (Austria).

At the end of the presentations, the participant cities will have the opportunity to discuss key elements in their internationalization strategies in a workshop led by the Euro-Latin American Alliance of Cooperation among Cities -AL-LAs – international network Medellín joined on 2013).

ACI Medellín considers these spaces a vote of confidence because these same cities and territories are those which today see us as a benchmark for internationalization. This undoubtedly guarantees that cooperation and foreign investment consider Medellín as a good partner,” said Catalina Restrepo Carvajal, executive director of the Agency.


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