Medellín’s transformation remains a protagonist on world stages. This has highlighted the attraction of national and international events, foreign investment and the generation of jobs for the new economy of the Software Valley in the internationalization balance of the last year, presented by the Agency for Cooperation and Investment ACI Medellín, the Bureau of Medellín and Antioquia, Plaza Mayor and Ruta N, articulated with the Mayor’s Office of Medellín.

ACI Medellin reported a total of 385 million dollars in foreign investment projects and cooperation resources in 2020. In addition, 32 new national and international events, which will generate $ 61,000 million, will be held in the city in the next three years and 31 companies from ten different countries settled in the CT+i ecosystem through Ruta N.

The capital of Antioquia exceeded 381 million dollars in foreign investment achieved with the installation of foreign companies and reinvestments. In international cooperation, the ACI Medellín reported five million dollars for local projects, managed donations of medical supplies to attend the pandemic from 11 countries around the world and nominated the city for international awards, four of them awarded in culture and attractiveness.

“In 2021 we have a commitment to the city and now, more than ever, to the entire region, thanks to our new agreements with the Government of Antioquia, Grupo EPM, the Metropolitan Area and all our strategic allies to attract investment and cooperation, which will allow us to continue transforming and leading the change to a sustainable and inclusive society ”, mentioned the executive director of ACI Medellín, Eleonora Betancur.

Meeting tourism remained one of the main generators of employment and business. The Great Bureau of Medellín reported that 97% of the events that were to take place in the last year were successfully rescheduled for the next three years, impacting the city’s economy by more than $ 77,000 million. In addition, 32 contests were attracted to be organized between 2021 and 2023, leaving the economy more than $ 60,000 million.

Regarding its own and traditional events, Plaza Mayor highlighted the continuity of Maridaje, Expoartesano, Expofinca, Trafic Latinoamérica, among others, with more than 60 international speakers. Due to the restrictions caused by the pandemic, these were all carried out in hybrid and virtual formats, which did not prevent the city from continuing to position itself as a hub for academic and business meetings for Latin America.

“All these achievements are the result of the work of the Public Cluster in order to make Medellín a hub for innovation and events, and an attractive destination for foreign investment. Today, the eyes of the world are on our city, it was a difficult year, but we still had the ability to attract companies and resources for development. This significantly impacts our economic reactivation and will promote very good scenarios for the future, ”said the Secretary of Economic Development, Alejandro Arias García.

Additionally, the pre-feasibility study was signed for the construction of the Plaza Mayor hotel, a milestone that will impact the well-being of citizens and tourists, and will make the city and its convention center more attractive.

The Local Administration highlighted efforts made by Ruta N in the consolidation of a world-class science, technology and innovation ecosystem. Still during the pandemic, 31 companies from 10 countries settled in the city, generating 1,514 quality jobs. These technology-based organizations with worldwide operations are committed to growing for Latin America from Medellín and its Software Valley.

Ruta N registers a total of 370 companies from 32 countries that have established themselves in the Medellín CT+i ecosystem since 2012 and that have generated more than 10,800 jobs in the IT industry.

Also, Medellín’s participation in the G20 Alliance of Smart Cities is highlighted, which seeks to propose technological solutions for challenges in mobility, environment and security, among others. This was obtained thanks to the work of the Center Affiliated to the World Economic Forum for the Fourth Industrial Revolution in Colombia, turning the capital of Antioquia into one of the six Latin American cities in this group.

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