Conferencia Internacional de Ciudades del Aprendizaje de la Unesco

Medellín was selected by UNESCO to host the International Conference on Learning Cities in 2019. In addition to this recognition, the World Cities Summit 2019 will be held in the city as a result of the Lee Kuan Yew Award received in 2016 for the efforts of Medellín in addressing urban challenges.

The capital of Antioquia was the first city in Colombia to be a member of the UNESCO Global Network of Learning Cities.

Education has become a milestone of transformation in Medellín. This has led the city to generate a model of social integration through the development of lifelong-learning programs. Articulating them, not only strengthen and create knowledge, but allow to consolidate a global and sustainable community. These programs are: Buen Comienzo, Protective Environment School, Territory STEM + H, Sapiencia, the Center of Innovation for Teachers- MOVA, the Quality Schools and the future construction of the Western University Citadel.A process that the capital of Antioquia continues to build as one of the learning cities in the world.

This International Biennial Conference to be held in 2019 will allow Medellín to meet with government delegates and education experts from all continents and socialize the city’s best educational practices. Those which have allowed it to promote local development to build more inclusive and sustainable societies in the pursuit of compliance of SDG’s objective 4 ” Quality Education”

Thus, Medellín continues to project itself as a laboratory of best practices for the establishment of networks and alliances which generate the development of public policies to strengthen education throughout the life of citizens.

Las anteriores ediciones de la Conferencia Internacional se llevaron a cabo en Beijing, China; Ciudad de México y Cork, Irlanda.

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