ciudades intermedias

The center of strategic thinking for the development and transformation of Medellín, the Aburrá Valley and Antioquia through Engineering and Architecture – SAI – will hold the first Seminar on Intermediate Cities and Port Cities. The event requires prior online registration

According to the global network of United Cities and Local Governments – UCLG, intermediate cities are those that “have between 50,000 and one million inhabitants, hosting 20% of the world population and a third of the total urban population.” In this sense, intermediate cities play a decisive role in the achievement of urban settlements “inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable” (SDG 11), which poses great challenges in terms of development planning and orderly growth of the territory.

Under this vision, Antioquia’s Society of Engineers and Architects – SAI- will hold the Seminar on Intermediate Cities and Port Cities on June 13 and 14, 2019 in the IDEA’s Auditorium. This is a scenario which aims to contemplate the potential of the local territory from an international perspective as a key player in generating opportunities and revitalizing the economy.

In this sense, the seminar will feature speakers from multilateral organizations such as the IDB, the UN, the World Bank; and national and local government experts, businessmen and academics, among others; that will address the strategic planning and urban governance capacities of intermediate cities from their contexts.

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