Although it seems like a science-fiction scene, the most advanced artificial intelligence android in the world, Sophia, arrives in Medellín. She will participate as the key speaker in the Summer School of the Pontifical Bolivarian University to be held in the Great Hall of Plaza Mayor on Monday, July 30 at 10:00 a.m.

Sophia, who was activated on April 19, 2015 in Hong Kong, is the first robot in the world to be granted a citizenship. She is Saudi. According to its manufacturers, it has visual data processing and facial recognition; imitates human gestures and facial expressions; and can answer certain questions and have conversations. Evidence of this are the interviews she has had with highly prestigious international media, and even her presentation to the United Nations when she spoke with the Vice-Secretary General, Amina J. Mohammed .

The Summer School: Hyperrealities 2018 is supported by the Medellín Mayor’s Office in coherence with the program “Science, innovation and technology for society” of the Development Plan 2016-2019: “Medellín counts on you” .In addition, this scenario will allow the city to continue positioning itself as an epicenter of Artificial Intelligence in coherence with the recent announcement of the creation of the country’s first Center of Excellence in Artificial Intelligence , managed by Ruta N in agreement with the Institute for Robotics Automation. Processes and Artificial Intelligence (IRPA AI) of the United States

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