Medellín base tecnológica de founded in 2011 in Canada under its initial brand Neuvoo is the second largest job search engine in the world, with more than 80 million visitors per month and operation in 79 countries.

From the capital of Antioquia, technological support is provided to the global operation of the Canadian multinational.

The company arrived in Colombia in March 2017 and with the support of ProColombia and ACI Medellín settled in the capital of Antioquia, from where this  globally present job engine originates. In addition, it has offices added to those present in Montreal, Chicago, Lausanne, Barcelona, Paris, Sao Paulo and London.

“We were looking for a city where we could expand our operations in Latin America, and it seemed to us that Medellín had all the characteristics of a city in full economic development and with a lot of potential to grow and have access to good talent. The best of all was that when we arrived, we found ourselves with a very hard-working culture and with a lot of knowledge in the areas we needed ”, states Lucas Martínez, the company’s CO-CEO.

“Medellín is our technological base, so to speak, our team is made up of more than 100 people and most of them are in system engineering, computer science or other related careers. We seek that all our operations are carried out from Colombia, in addition to the development of many products for all our users who find employment through us” added the director.

For the development of its operations in Colombia, has invested US $ 2 million and estimates to reinvest between US $ 5 million and US $ 10 million in the next two years.

The company’s goal is to create an ecosystem with the largest global job database. To date, it has more than 30 million job registrations available in the world and nearly 500,000 users find a new job each month through  

By 2021 this multinational expects to double its workforce in the city and reach 200 positions; and by 2022 to have more than 400 employees in Colombia. is looking for bilingual software developers whose main strength is  PHP language for the backend and JavaScript on the frontend, also for programmers who are starting their work experience and who are fluent in JavaScript.

Those interested in Medellín can apply through the website [ here



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