Invertir en Medellín

After participating in the Global Climate Action Summit – C40 in San Francisco, mayor Federico Gutiérrez spoke in the event Why Medellín? and in a meeting of the Sos Paisa Network to strengthen relations of investment and cooperation.

More than 30 representatives of companies in San Francisco attended the event Why Medellín? last September 12, 2018 held at the Chamber of Commerce of the city and organized in partnership with Latin San Francisco and Procolombia’s office on the West Coast of the United States. Important companies such as Accel-KKR, Admios, Consejo Balero, Dissigno, Electronic Arts, Fist Republic Bank, Maker City Project, Tech Bay Area Advocates, Terra Incognita Capital and TIBCO Loyalty Lab, among others, listened to the reasons why in our city “we make good things happen” in terms of investment.

ACI Medellín organized both meetings with institutions in the territory, achieving a satisfactory participation of potential investors and people from Antioquia living in this city.

Invertir en Medellín

Presentation by the mayor of Medellín, Federico Gutiérrez Zuluaga, to representatives of companies interested in knowing the attributes of Medellín in terms of investment.

Likewise, the entrepreneur and founding CEO of Kiwi Campus , Felipe Chávez, exposed his experience settling his company in Ruta N’s innovation district: “Medellín is an incredible city, we are very happy to be in the innovation district and having the human talent suitable for the development of our activities.”

Also, during the Mayor’s stay in San Francisco, a meeting of the Network of Paisas living abroad Sos Paisa was held at the Consulate of Colombia, and about 60 Paisas and Colombians attended the meeting. They learned first-hand about the progress made by Medellín, the work of the Network and how they can participate in the development of the city.

Attendees at the Sos Paisa meeting in San Francisco with Mayor Federico Gutiérrez.

Sos Paisa

“The Mayor’s Office and ACI Medellín consider these spaces a powerful scenario for the relationship and promotion of the city in terms of cooperation and investment. We look forward to working hard in consolidating development opportunities for Medellín. I am sure our work will bear fruit and will help our city to continue to be an attractive destination for cooperation and foreign investment,” said Catalina Restrepo Carvajal, ACI Medellín Executive Director.

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