Embajador de Colombia en España

Madrid ― this Wednesday, October 18, the Agency for Cooperation and Investment of Medellín and the Metropolitan Area, ACI Medellín, ProColombia and the Ambassador of Colombia to Spain hosted the business meeting “Why Medellín?”.

More than 20 businessmen attended the event “Why Medellín?”organized by ACI Medellín in Madrid and the Colombian ambassador to Spain, Alberto Furmanski Goldstein, was part of the welcoming committee.

Business representatives and journalists from Spain learned about the investment opportunities offered by the city. The Colombian ambassador to Spain, Alberto Furmanski Goldstein, addressed the possibilities of investment offered by the country in the post-conflict process.

Konecta’s corporate CEO for Latin America, Alejandra García, talked about her organization’s experience after they decided to settle in Medellín. In addition, she highlighted the possibilities in the territory and the accompaniment they have received from ACI Medellín.

The event was also attended by Ignacio Velo, director of Programs and International Projects of ONCE, a Spanish foundation that serves people with disabilities which will arrive in Medellín, generating around 100 jobs for the hotel sector.

Por qué Medellín en Madrid

María Alejandra Saleme, assistant of the director of ACI Medellín states: “The response in Madrid was very positive. The event was not only attended by entrepreneurs interested in investing in the city but also by representatives of organizations already settled in Medellín. This highlights Medellín’s installed capacity and allows the exchange of experiences and best practices.”

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