According to the Global Retirement Index 2020 of the International Living, the top 5 retirement destinations in the world are: Portugal, Panama, Costa Rica, Mexico and Medellin, Colombia. With a lower cost of living compared to the United States, and after having been in this index since 2017, Colombia stands out as one of the best places on the planet to retire with less than 30 thousand dollars a year.

The International Living Retirement Index and the American Reporter’s list of best creative cities have identified Medellín as one of the best places to live.

In this index, Medellín is a city with a remarkably affordable living cost; with about 2,000 dollars a month, or 20,000 dollars a year, a couple could have rent, internet, a health plan and even a housekeeper. Nancy Kiernan, International Living correspondent for Colombia, talks about the steady growth that Medellin and the country in general has had in the minds of Americans who want to visit and retire. In addition, it highlights that, according to the World Health Organization, Colombia ranks 22nd in its health care system and is the second most biodiverse country in the world, which allows it to have variety in its weathers. “Colombia was once an overlooked retirement paradise, but now it’s no longer a secret, the word spreads about the benefits they offer for living,” says Kiernan.

Medellín was highlighted as a cosmopolitan city and recognized for its transformation during the last decades, in addition to currently being a benchmark for innovative, sustainable and viable cities.

Another medium that placed Medellín in its top 5 was American Reporter, considering it as one of the best cities in Latin America to move if you are a creative professional. Once again, its great transformation, the leadership in innovation and creativity in the region, and its progress in the living conditions it has developed in recent years are highlighted.

Thanks to the transformation that the city has had in recent decades, today it is considered as a city of excellence for creative professionals and people looking to spend their retirement.


Factors such as the capacity to work from home, the population density, housing affordability, concentration of creative work, environments that supports creative minds, business incubators and accelerators, were all taken into account for the analysis of this top 5 where Medellin, Santa Rita do Sapucai, Montevideo, Santiago de Chile and Curitiba highlighted as the best cities in the Latin American region to move.

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