Según el ranquin fDi Intelligence del Financial Times, Medellín ocupa el cuarto lugar en estrategia de atracción de inversión extranjera

Medellín is fourth in the ranking of American Cities of the Future by fDi Intelligence in the category foreign direct investment strategy. fDi Intelligence is a global market intelligence service specialized in investment, promotion, and economic development, of the British magazine Financial Times.

Download the complete report [here]

The ranking seeks to highlight the most promising cities in terms of foreign investment based on the analysis of global market attraction data from the specialized firm fDi.

New York, Chicago, and Montreal are the top three on the list and Medellín is the first Latin American city in the ranking.

The article highlights Medellín’s privileged position due to its significant investment in creative industries, infrastructure, construction, tourism, textiles, health services and industries 4.0; also for its tax incentives as a stimulus from local government and its commitment to the development of film production, since it is the only city in Colombia with a film commission.

ACI Medellín and the Secretariat of Economic Development have undertaken an articulated work to encourage the attraction of foreign investment, the promotion of Medellín as an investment destination, and the strengthening of the capacities of the different sectors of development.

 “Es un gran orgullo para Medellín. La inversión extranjera directa llega a nuestra ciudad porque hemos logrado construir confianza. Hemos tejido una relación estrecha, basada en los propósitos comunes con el sector empresarial, el académico y la ciudadanía”, destacó el Alcalde, Federico Gutiérrez Zuluaga.

El estudio resalta la labor de la Agencia de Cooperación e Inversión y el Área Metropolitana, ACI Medellín, como entidad promotora y facilitadora de la atracción de inversión extranjera directa en la ciudad, en estrecha colaboración con diferentes cámaras de comercio del país y Procolombia.

“We received this recognition as a commitment which invites us to continue strengthening the city’s articulation strategies and the actions to attract foreign investment into the city. This is reflected in the generation of qualified employment, dynamization of the different economic sectors of the city for the improvement of the economic development and quality of life of our inhabitants” Federico Gutiérrez Zuluaga, Mayor of Medellín, said.

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