Medellín, Ciudad Educadora

On November 30, Medellín and more than 500 members of the International Association of Educating Cities around the world will celebrate the Educating Cities Day.

Medellin is part of the International Association of Educating Cities (IAEC) since 2017

The celebration seeks to raise awareness on the importance of education in the cities It is also an opportunity to highlight the commitment of local governments to education and encourage citizens to join this important initiative.

This year, Medellín will carry out a campaign in which citizens will be able to express their commitment through messages with their signature on a strategically located mural.

This worldwide celebration will take place on November 30th because on 1990, the Charter of Educating Cities was proclaimed in Barcelona (Spain) by the IAEC.

“Being the only city in Colombia in the AICE is a challenge that drives Medellín to continue working for the most important thing: its people. This celebration reminds us that education is a symbol of transformation and growth, and that the city must continue along this path. I expect a great citizen participation,” said Sergio Escobar, ACI Medellín CEO.

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