Por qué Medellín en San Francisco

On Monday, June 3, Ruta N and ACI Medellín will host the event Why Medellín? at WeWork’s facilities in San Francisco, United States. These spaces seek to show the strengths of the city as a destination for the investment of companies devoted to science, technology, and innovation.

It will be a good opportunity to make Medellín known as the ideal city for the installation of foreign companies.

Next Monday, June 3, Medellín will be in the spotlight of investors in the facilities of WeWork San Francisco: 600 California Street, 11th floor. This will be a unique opportunity for entrepreneurs interested in investing in the city to know the advantages Medellín offers for the installation of foreign companies.

Together with Ruta N, ACI Medellín will also carry out a networking workshop aimed to strengthen the bonds of Medellín with important technology and innovation companies.

In addition to the capabilities offered by the city for new investors, the recent opening of the Center for the Fourth Industrial Revolution will be another topic of interest to raise awareness during the realization of the event.

Entrepreneurs are welcome to attend this Why Medellin? in San Francisco, it is a free event and open to the business public. Registration at the following link: [ click ]

Por qué Medellín en San Francisco

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