After a meeting between the Mayor of Medellín, Daniel Quintero, and the Minister of Transportation, Guillermo Reyes González, the District Administration will sign an agreement with the National Government for resources ranging between $3.5 and 4 billion, for the construction of five metrocables that the city will have and that will benefit, including inhabitants of the municipalities of Itagüí and La Estrella.

“That means more resources for the city. With the Metropolitan Area we have just reached an agreement, which we are about to materialize, for $37,000 million for the designs. Metrocables there will be in La Estrella and Itagüí, two in the northeast, one for the inhabitants of Robledo. In Poblado we will have a kind of mini-train that will go up from Poblado station through Loma de Los Parra to Aguas Vivas in Las Palmas. This will be one of the biggest bets in mobility in the city”, said the mayor during the Government Council.

The mayor also highlighted that during the meeting, the River Train was discussed, where the Nation will provide 70% of the resources, which will allow more mobility options for the people of Antioquia.

Likewise, the possibility of building a second runway at the José María Córdova Airport in Rionegro was discussed, strategies were structured so that the Olaya Herrera Airport becomes a park of more than one million square meters, and an airport is built in San Pedro de Los Milagros and another one in Santa Fé de Antioquia.

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