The Citizen Security Week 2017 allowed the real Medellín to be shown

Medellín is not what Netflix shows. It was the headline of El País , a newsletter from Spain. It makes reference to the words of mayor of Medellín, Federico Gutiérrez, during his speech in the Ninth Security Clinic opening ceremony.

This event is the most important in terms of security and justice in Latin America. It had two fundamental components: between November 27 and 28, Bogotá hosted the Regional Policy Dialogue, which brought together ministers and high authorities from throughout the region. Lastly, from November 30 to December 1, the second component of the event took place. The Ninth Citizen Safety Clinic was held through an open activity attended by more than 300 people who work or are interested in issues of safety, coexistence and justice.

The event in Medellín was divided into two parts, an academic agenda and two guided visits to successful city initiatives in which social, architectural and mobility interventions converge and transformed the territory and its inhabitants.

More than 120 people, including senior government officials and representatives of security agencies from around the world, had the opportunity to see the positive transformation of communes 8 and 13, both affected by the violence in the past. They talked to inhabitants of those communities and approach to the solutions that enabled the transformation of the territory, such as the escalators, the tram and the cable cars (Metrocables).

These are some statements of the attendees.

General Óscar Naranjo, Vice President of Colombia

Juan Diego Catalano, Palermo (Italy)

Maria Cecilia Barbesiri, Argentina

Matias Lobo, Argentina

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