Medellín fortalece la inversión extrajera a través de una gira internacional

Colombia seeks to attract foreign investment to its regions with a tour around Peru and Chile from April 15 to 21.

The international promotion tour supported by Procolombia, will take place in Lima on April 17 at the Country Club Hotel,8:00 a.m.; and in Santiago, Chile, on April 19th in Sofofa at 8:30 in the morning. Its objective is to present the strengths of each region to foreign investors and join forces in a common strategy to position Colombia as the ideal place for their international projects..

The tour will be accompanied by Procolombia, ACI Medellín, Invest in Pacific, Invest in Bogota, Probarranquilla and Proarmenia.

Medellín’s advantages in terms of innovation, agroindustry and infrastructure and those from Antioquia, as one of the departments with the greatest diversity and agro-industrial growth, will be presented. In addition, the region has a high tourism and hotel development and both, air and land connectivity which directly benefits business growth in Colombia.

“It is essential for ACI Medellín to participate in these meetings. We will have there the opportunity to understand the needs of Peruvian, Chilean and other investors from all around the world who are interested in investing in Colombia. At the same time, it is an ideal place to raise awareness on the enormous advantages the city offers to foreign direct investment. In this sense, the support of Procolombia which benefits all regions of the country is very important,” said Catalina Restrepo Carvajal, Executive Director of ACI Medellín.

ACI Medellín will show the advantages of the Aburrá Valley and Antioquia in terms of innovation, agroindustry and infrastructure.

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