Medellín es la primera ciudad hermana de Puerto Morelos

Puerto Morelos (Mexico) and Medellín (Colombia) became twin cities on July 29, 2019. They decided to join forces to strengthen their friendship ties and achieve double-track cooperation on issues such as security and tourism.

Puerto Morelos is a Mexican city located in the state of Quintana Roo. It was part of the municipality of Benito Juarez. it was declared a municipality in 2016.

On February of this year, the capital of Antioquia received a delegation of the City Council of Puerto Morelos. Since then, both cities have exchanged knowledge, which led to the signing of this twinning agreement in the offices of the Council of Medellín.

The municipal president of Puerto Morelos, Laura Fernández twitted: “Today is a historic day for Puerto Morelos, by signing our first twinning with Medellín, a modern and innovative city. With this agreement, we will strengthen ourselves by exchanging success stories on topics such as public safety, education, mobility, culture, and tourism.”
Twinnings are mechanisms mediated by municipal councils for international cooperation which allow cities to strengthen ties of friendship working together for mutual development.

Medellín sums up 23 sister cities, including Fort Lauderdale (United States), Bilbao (Spain), San Pedro Sula (Honduras), Armenia (Colombia), El Alto (Bolivia), Quito (Ecuador) , Zaragoza (Spain), Rosario (Argentina), Monterrey (Mexico), Panama City, Boston (United States), Chapecó (Brazil), Seoul (South Korea), Cancun (Mexico), among others.

From left to right: Ludivina Menchaca, governor of Puerto Morelos (chairs the tourism commission); Manuel Moreno, second Vice-Chair of the Medellín City Council; Laura Fernández, municipal president of Puerto Morelos; Jaime Alberto Mejía, Chairman of the Medellín City Council; Ricardo Yepes, first Vice-Chair of the Medellín City Council; Ana Luisa Betancourt, alderman of Puerto Morelos; and Francisco Mendoza, alderman of Puerto Morelos 

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