Medellín will have its first 100% electric taxi

Medellín continues to progress in the implementation of a more efficient, modern, and environmentally friendly transport for everyone. In addition to the 64 electric buses which will arrive in the city in 2019, today, Medellín has the first electric taxi thanks to the union of BYD and TAX BELÉN. This is a project focused on promoting new technologies of clean mobility in the city.

This first vehicle is part of a process to gradually incorporate electric taxis to the existing fleet, making Medellín the capital of electric mobility in Colombia and Latin America.

TAX BELÉN, one of the largest taxi companies in Medellín with more than 2,300 members, will be in charge of operating public service cars; whilst BYD will provide after-sales service and will contribute with its experience as one of the world’s leading electric vehicles manufacturers.

“Medellín has become more important to BYD due to its interest in incorporating electric mobility in its streets. This historic step ratifies this goal, and we are here to support the growth and progress of the city through our technology,” said Juan Felipe Velásquez, commercial director of the BYD Antioquia’s branch.

Movilidad sostenible

This taxi will operate throughout the Aburrá Valley. It is bright green to help users to differentiate. When they get on it, they will live a great experience and contribute to caring for the environment.

“TAX BELÉN is committed to environmentally friendly and sustainable mobility, which is why we are committed to making electric taxis for Medellín a reality. We will make all our human, technical and financial efforts so that citizens enjoy a world-class individual public service,” said Juan David Lopera, manager of Grupo Empresarial TAX Belén.

The Taxi

Since it is 100% electric, it does not emit polluting gases. Also, it will save approximately 70% compared to other combustion vehicles and its operating costs will be 50% lower than taxis running on gasoline or natural gas. It does not emit any kind of vibration or noise thus improving the comfort for the occupants. 90 minutes of fast charge will be enough to travel up to 400 kilometers in a day. The recharge will initially be made in existing stations in the city.

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