Por qué Medellín en Ciudad de México

The event Why Medellín? and the Network Sos Paisa arrive in Mexico.

The Foreign Ministry of Colombia, through the Embassy of Colombia in Mexico, supported the events of the network of people from Antioquia living abroad in Guadalajara and Mexico City.

ACI Medellín will present the transformation and investment opportunities offered by the city to a group of Mexican entrepreneurs during the event called Why Medellín?  To be held on Friday, October 27 at 8:30 am in the Feria BC room of the Presidente Intencontinental Polanco Hotel, Mexico City.

Medellín’s diverse productive structure is divided in clusters: textile, energy, ICT’s, health, construction, clothing, design and fashion, and aerospace. They represent 31.4% of the region’s GDP, 31% of the manufacturing base, 33.6% of the manufacturing added value, 36% of the industrial exports and 59% of the amount of companies created each year.

In addition, the city is committed to strengthening the entrepreneurial ecosystem and considers it a focus of development for the expansion of foreign companies. This makes it a reference not only for Colombia but also for Latin America.

Besides Why Medellín? two other meetings of the network of people from Antioquia, Paisas, living abroad -Sos Paisa- will take place. The first will be at the Consulate of Colombia in the city of Guadalajara on October 25 at 6 pm; and the second one, at the Embassy of Colombia in Mexico City on October 26 at 5:00 p.m. During those meetings, Paisas living in Mexico will learn more about this program and how it allows them to keep in touch with their hometown and contribute to the development of Medellín and the region.

“Mexico is a country with great opportunities and our cultural proximity opens the doors to make very interesting negotiations for our city. I am very aware of its entrepreneurial skills and I am sure this meeting will be very productive. It will also be an opportunity to express our solidarity and support to Mexico in this difficult moment they are facing after the earthquake,” said Sergio Escobar, CEO of ACI Medellín.



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