The mayor of Medellín Federico Gutiérrez Zuluaga was a special guest at the 10th Meeting of Leaders Comunitas in Brazil. He spoke at the panel “Shared governance in the new urban agenda,” about Medellín’s best practices on social inclusion, urban security and the university-company-state Committee.

Also, the event was attended by Rafael Greca, mayor of Curitiba; Paula Mascarenhas, mayor of Pelotas; Luiz Ildefonso Simões of the Canadian multinational Brookfield and Eduardo Mufarej of Somos Educación and founder of RenovaBR.

Sergio Escobar, Executive director of ACI Medellín at the 10th Meeting of Community Leaders, São Paulo, Brazil.

This exclusive meeting focused on social investment projects and investment trends aimed to the role of private companies. The objective is to articulate the main decision-makers in Brazil in those social actions undertaken by large companies and in the promotion of the discussion around the strategies for sustainable socio-environmental development.

“Medellín is an inspiration for Pelotas. We too are working for a social recovery and the improvement of the urban security ” Paula Mascarenhas, mayor of Pelotas (municipality in the state of Rio Grande do Sur, Brazil)

Paula Mascarenhas , alcaldesa de Pelotas

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